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Yesterday I had a post called Life Lessons from JD Messinger Part 1. Today is part 2 of the interview with JD Messinger, a man who has had a remarkable journey into understanding life, and himself. He went deep inside of his mind and his soul to uncover knowledge and wisdom that had been buried there. JD’s very spiritual perspective is very obvious in the lessons he imparts in his book, 11 Days in May.

One unique quality of the book is in its kindle version. You can click to answer questions or interact with others to discuss what you read, which is a fascinating was to read a book like this. 11 days pushes your thought buttons to re-examine what you’ve always believed about life and how things work. Here’s more of what JD had to say:

A lot of people fail to believe in a higher force, much like you for many years. Why? The reason they fail to experience the miracles is because they do not believe they are a soul in a body, they do not believe they are photons, from the light, living in the light. Too many are stuck in the World of Form, clinging to material attachments, titles, positions and objects. These attachments, the “Form” that causes them to become confused—It’s a battle between their mind and soul—each pulling in opposite directions. This confusion leads to suffering, which causes pain. They have to learn to of the attachments created in the World of Form. The Holy Grail of life is not something we can buy, sell or hold contrary to whatever Madison Avenue or Wall Street would like us to believe. The Holy Grail is something we feel.

Explain what you mean when you say our pain is our purpose. We are a soul in a body and we are here to learn lessons that we agreed to learn in this lifetime. The way we learn that lesson is by experiencing pain and suffering. The homeless man becomes a builder, the young molested girl becomes a sexual therapist and the left-brain nuclear engineer becomes a man of faith. I like to say that God doesn’t have pixie dust. When we pray for courage, She throws every fear in our face to teach us to become courageous. Our pain is how we learn and grow.

You look at time very differently, and consider it an illusion, can you explain your perspective? I experienced so many unexplained phenomena about past, present and future events that I concluded time is not linear, meaning it doesn’t go in just one direction—forward. I had to find answers to my questions and I did this from as close as I could get to the point of view of God. In the process of doing that, I concluded that God does not wear a watch. Time is a man made construct used as a form of measure. You cannot see time, smell time, taste time, or feel time. In the World of Light, in the domain of souls, time does not exist. Every photon lives forever.

What do you mean by faulty and outdated programs? An faulty program is one that we thought was true—the world was flat—but it never was. The example I give in the book is about yelling at my wife for wearing her pajamas when in fact I was yelling at a program installed by my mother thirty-five years before. An outdated program was once true, but no longer. These programs drive our behavior and we become a robot, unconsciously acting out on faulty and outdated beliefs. You know it is true and happening when after the event you burst into tears not knowing why you acted the way you did.

Why do you say there is no such thing that “is” not good? I believe that everything is the will of God and that God is good. Therefore nothing is “not-good”—republicans, democrats, money, sex—none of these are “not-good”. It is only the actions of individuals—their thoughts and intentions—that can be not good. They use the objects in the World of Form to do not good things, but that is a verb, a behavior, not the object itself, which is a noun.

Explain how you can have a vision that comes true. Our brains are like a smart phone, capable of sending and receiving information like the transducers on my submarines. Except our brains are billions of times more powerful than a smart phone. If you accept that your phone can send and receive images, movies and documents, then you have to accept that our brains can do it a lot better. What we are doing, again like I did on a submarine, is tuning the sending and receiving capabilities of our brain to the frequencies of the information and knowledge that is flying around us. This is how Walt Disney created EPCOT and Nicolai Tesla invented the AC motor. It is also how I invented television shows, games and wrote 11 Days in May.

Why do you say that separation is an illusion? The ties that bind are far greater than the binds that tie. We are ninety-eight percent the same air, water and minerals and ninety-nine point nine percent the same DNA. In other words, all humans are biologically one in one billion parts different. The only thing that makes us different is our thoughts and our soul. It is time that we stand up and declare what is transparent to the ninety-nine percent: we have the power to shatter the outdated beliefs and programs that for too long have created a disturbance among men and women.

It is not so much that we as a race or nation must decide to consent, but rather that we declare on every corner of the earth, in every home and industry, that the ties that bind are far greater than what separates us. We can safely acknowledge that the color of our skin, national origin, political party, religious affiliation, or gender are of no concern to a supreme Creator and therefore ought not matter to man or institution. In the process, humanity and the citizens of every nation may then accurately and boldly, if not without hazard, cast aside the illusions and disturbances that perpetuate separation.
Check out JD Messinger‘s book, 11 Days in May in Kindle and experience a whole new interactive reading experience. Or get the hard cover version of 11 Days in May.

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