Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Athletes are competitive. That’s what most thrive on. They play because they want to win. Most of us want to win the game of life. Many people turn into cutthroats to give themselves an advantage when they’re anxious to reach their goals. And they may even win in that moment. But when it’s at someone else’s cost, or you didn’t play fair, it will come back to bite you. And, often exhibiting good sportsmanship can be more rewarding than the win.

Recently, Meghan Vogel a junior West Liberty-Salem High School in Ohio, competed in the state championship for the 300 meters track meet. She’d just been the surprise winner in the 1,600 meters race in the finals. As she got closer to the finish line, another runner collapsed in front of her. Meghan could have easily run past her for a chance to win the race. Instead, she helped the girl up and assisted her across the finish line. You can imagine how the crowd cheered the on.

When they got to the finish line, Meghan put her in front to cross first because she’d been ahead of her. She obviously lost the race but said after, “Helping her across the finish line was a lot more satisfying than winning the state championship.” Putting others in front of you can be very satisfying. Meghan showed the ultimate of good sportsmanship. We can do that in life too. Help colleagues at work. Don’t treat others as competition and not support them. Giving a helping hand can be more satisfying than winning at something. Or it can make you a winner.  You can see the last seconds of the race below.

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