Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

We all have to make decisions. Some are easier than others. Choosing what to order for dinner when there’s a large menu may seem tough at the time but it’s insignificant compared to deciding to have a baby or to leave your job without another one in the bag. Of course everything is relative to you and your circumstances. Choosing what to wear for your school reunion may seem like a monumental decision at the time—to you. President Obama may see that as nothing compared to deciding what to do in Iran.

Can you identify your biggest decision? Not one that might have felt big at the time but one that ultimately changed your life. Thinking about it, I had a hard time at first. But now I know it was choosing to move into Manhattan from the house share I had in the burbs, with the intention of reinventing me. I had no idea how I’d make a living but I knew I had to leave teaching. I was terrified after I gave my landlord notice and even more terrified when I got my apartment. But now I recognize that choice gave me my final step out of DoorMatville into a life I love.

So what was your biggest decision? Below is a video that asked this question of a bunch of people. Please share yours in the comments.


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