Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I’ve always considered September the month of new beginnings and know others do too. After the heat of summer, September tends to bring in the cooler temps of fall and it feels different. Summer can create lethargy on many levels. The hotter temps are an obvious reason. But summer is also a time when people take vacations and businesses operate on a slower level. Many companies get out early on Friday. Then fall begins. Right after Labor Day it’s back to work as usual. People begin to think about how to ramp up their careers, and their lives in general.

There’s a different vibe that seems to make people evaluate where they are and where they want to go.

I admit that for me there’s even more reason to find September a time for new beginnings. My birthday is 2 weeks from yesterday. Unlike many people who are getting older, and we’re all getting older, I love my birthday and celebrate with a vengeance! Each year offers the beginning of choosing my own path. I believe that I was born in September for a purpose. The cooler temps make it feel like a new start and seem to invigorate. It’s the turning point for the season and also the start of the new school year.

September offers a great opportunity to get your act together.

Life gets faster and opportunities heat up. Look at what’s going on in your life and see how you can improve it. Any time is a good time for doing that but most of us don’t. September as a time for new beginnings makes it a perfect time to do it. Ask yourself:

•    “Am I as happy with my life as I could be?”

•    “Are there things that I’d like to stop doing?”

•    “What would I really like to do if I had the nerve?”

•    “What one step can I take to have a new beginning?”

Write down what comes up. Let the beginning of the fall season also be the beginning of a new chapter of your life. When you become aware of what you really want and what you can do first to start to make it happen, September can be a new beginning for your life.

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