Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

“I Love Me!” Tip: Consciously Make An Effort To Eat Healthier

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for HowDoILoveMeCover.jpgToday is Day 30 of my 31 Days of Self-Love posts to celebrate Self-Love Month with suggestions for jumpstarting your own self-love.

I have friends who astonish me when we go out to eat. They eat piles of fried food, unhealthy carbs, lots of red meat and ignore their veggies. I know I irk them at times when we’re choosing a place and I insist I need to be able to order a balanced meal. Even for breakfast I’ll have a veggie omelet while my friend downs pudding pancakes with heavy maple syrup and whipped cream.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I do pig out and eat French fries and rich foods and desserts. I occasionally have bacon and eggs. But when I do, I’m literally jonesin’ for some better nutrition and veggies after. Self-love makes me want to eat healthy! Sometimes when I know I’m going to have bacon and eggs, I eat a salad before I go out, or come home and eat a bowl of broccoli. I’ve been called nuts. “What’s the big deal about just eating the yummy decadent food and skipping veggies?” I know I’m doing it to say, “I love me!”

Eating a balanced diet with consciousness about making sure you get good nutrition is a wonderful act of self-love.

In the long run, eating healthy will make you feel better physically, which improves your life even more. Of course it’s not always easy to get your good dose of veggies. When I’m at a party or somewhere that I feel I had less nutrition than I needs, I’ll drink a glass of V-8 juice when I get home. I don’t love it but I smile since I know that drinking it says, “I love me!” Even if you don’t eat healthy consistently, every nutritious effort you make builds self-love. When you make a conscious choice to eat more veggies or not finish dessert or get the grilled instead of the fried chicken, say, “I’m making this choice to say ‘I love me!’”

Small efforts add up. As you eat a little healthier, you might find it easier to do and keep going. By doing so, you may drop a pound without trying or notice your digestion is better or you have more energy. Those are some of the benefits of eating healthier. This act of self-love has many rewards that will improve your quality of life. As you feel better and your happiness increases from changes in diet, self-love blossoms.

Take the self-love challenge and get my book, How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways for free at http://howdoiloveme.com. And you can post your loving acts HERE to reinforce your intention to love yourself.

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  • http://www.myearthlyessentials.com Julie

    This is so very true! I too enjoy eating healthy. My friends and family think that eating healthy is a burden and they feel bad for me, but it’s the complete opposite. I look forward to each meal because I know I am giving my body what it needs to function well and live well. I see others struggle with their eating and feelings of guilt over what they’ve decided to indulge in. That in my opinion is a burden! My way of eating is freeing and it allows me to do things like run a half marathon or bike 100 miles. I wish everyone could feel as well I do!

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz

    I so relate to what you say Julie! Deep down they wish they could eat like you and feel bad they can’t, so they put you down. THEY are the ones with a burden. I too love feeling really good and able to run and live the way I choose.

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