Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Law of Attraction in Action: Thinking Big

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for * LOA logo2.jpgThis is post 102 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day! Read all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series to see how.


Sometimes I ask a client what their goals are. They modestly tell me about some small thing they want. Often they clarify that they don’t want to expect too much, since a small success is enough for them. I hear details about why they don’t want to be greedy and shoot for the moon or have God think they’re pigs for expecting too much. To all of that I say—balderdash!!

What you expect reflects what you think you’re worth.

When you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s hard to think big. But that’s exactly what you should be doing to change your mindset. Otherwise, you tell the Universe that you don’t deserve or need much, and guess how the Law of Attraction responds to that? Yep, you don’t get much! Why limit your possibilities by limiting your expectations?


If you only expect a little, chances are you’ll never get a lot.

And you should get a lot! I had to learn that. I always felt I should limit what I should have or do. Insecurity helped me determine my goals, which were more stuff to just exist than to prosper and find lots of joy. I hated myself when I lived in DoorMatville and believed I wasn’t worthy of good stuff. So the Law of Attraction didn’t respond with much good stuff! It gave me what I expected.

People pleasers are good at giving but not at receiving, so you can block yourself from attracting lots of goodies.

Why stop yourself from being happy? DoorMats don’t need others to make them feel bad and undeserving and unable to get the great job or make lots of money or start a super successful business or find the most wonderful romantic partner or all the other glorious things we can attract by thinking big. That’s for other people! It was beyond my range of thoughts to think I could ever have any of that–until I began to love myself and accept that I deserve it all.


Donald Trump said, “I like Thinking Big. If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well Think Big.”

People say that they’re scared to think big since it can lead to disappointment. That’s sending an expectation of disappointment out for the Law of Attraction to support. As your faith gets stronger, you’ll be able to quell those fears and negative expectations more. It begins with taking the first step into faith and sending out a bigger expectation than you normally do. As you get results, it gets easier. If you think and act unworthy of good, you settle for bits of joy. Let go of limitations about setting goals for yourself.

I used to just pray for specific things, so as not to be a greedy girl. Now that I believe God wants me to be happy, I’m in oink mode!


I’m no longer guilty or apologetic about asking for goodies in many areas. Why not? We can get support for the best life possible. I finally recognize that I deserve the whole enchilada! Not a piece of it. Not leftovers. Not what others want for me. The whole enchilada! In all areas of my life. So do you! Don’t feel guilty or greedy for expecting it all. Oink!  Try it! Oink mode rocks when you get what you told the Law of Attraction you expected in BIG terms.

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  • Michelle

    WOW! This hit home. I have always said to myself, “I don’t want to think I am a greedy person and want everything.” “I don’t need much to be happy.” I have always said to myself, and sometimes out loud to some people in conversation ” I don’t think I will ever have a house of my own, or a vacation to Hawaii or Cancun that is for other people it seems like.” I think it is the disappointment factor for me, if I don’t think I can have it and when it never happens, no disappointment. Wow! again, by writing this I can now see how I am limiting myself. Thanks for the post, I have some work to do.

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz

    You can have them all Michelle, if you change your thoughts and concept of what you deserve.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jon

    YES!! I love this article! I love how Deanna is so clear and frank in getting across a concept of truth. We have all become so apologetic and meager that it can reflect in a weak spirit and so the universe responds accordingly. It is true that it is best to dream and live BIG. This kind of vibrational state can only bring good things (with patience, love, ethics and faith of course)

    Thanks Deanna!

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz

    Thanks for your kind words Jon!


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Neil

    I like this blog a lot as it explains things very clearly and inspirationally. Thinking big is one thing, but there is also the magical process of synchronicity which helps you to achieve the big things you are thinking about.

    Many people may not have the means of the confidence to ‘just take action’ straight away. However, when you start to think big, the Universe then starts sending you everything you need for your goal’s fullest manifestation. Resources, money, people, knowledge, know-how, guidance, chance meetings, fortuitous coincidences – it knows how to help you every step of the way.

    It is like the quote in the film Field of Dreams, which says that ” when you build, then they come. ” The ‘they’ in that quote being the forces of the Universe, and the things you need to make your goal happen.

    The Universe puts you in the right place at the right time for you to benefit from the opportunities and synchronicities which come your way. What you have to do is be alert to them, and then follow them.

    You are never on your own – helping hands are always nearby, but thinking small means that you don’t really believe in any kind of Higher Power. Thinking big however, activates it.

  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz

    Well said Neil! All the components need to be there for the best success.

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