Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

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Have you ever gone to an outdoor sporting event or picnic, saw dark clouds and declared you were sure it was going to rain? When it rained you were proven right, though your day was ruined. Or were you sure that someone else would get the job you wanted badly and someone else did? Or have you expected the doctor find you had something worse than a bad cold when your nose was stuffed and you were coughing and you ended up with bronchitis?

Expecting something bad to happen proves you right in ways you don’t want to be proven right.

Pessimists expect the worst to happen in situations that matter to them. Having experiences where things did go wrong often causes it. Or, you may have seen your mom or dad expect bad outcomes and get them, so you believe that’s your fate too. Expecting bad outcomes attracts them. You know that by now if you’ve been reading my posts. But when you have a pessimistic personality, you might not recognize what you do.

Many pessimists do think they’re positive and attribute pessimism to their nature, without accepting how much negative it attracts.

People have laughed when I warned that it will attract bad outcomes. Oh no, they say, believing it’s better to not expect good stuff to avoid disappointment. They say they need to get their worries out and believe they’re still putting out the right vibe for the LOA. Yet when they don’t get what they go after, they are disappointed, despite what they say about avoiding disappointment. 

Being pessimistic is a lose/lose mentality–you lose by using that to prepare yourself to lose, since it attracts losing. But losing still feels bad, even if you expected it.

Instead of being pessimistic to prepare for disappointment, build your confidence. It’s also good to trust that you’ll get it when and how it’s best for your highest good. Positive results come when the time is right. Don’t let pessimism set in if that doesn’t happen right away. As you attract more, your trust will grow that things happen at the right time and in the right way.

When I see dark clouds, I expect them to go away before my outdoor activities and people watch in awe as they do. When I go to the doctor with symptoms, I expect the problem to be as minor as it possibly can be. And it is! It doesn’t matter how bad it might look. I refuse to expect the negative outcomes, and usually avert them with determined intentions and not giving into the predictions of pessimists. If there are dark clouds, I’ll ask the pessimist to please leave so I don’t have to fight what he attracts.

Robert Mallet said, “How many pessimists end up by desiring the things they fear, in order to prove that they are right?” ??

As the saying goes, would you rather be right or be happy? It’s easier to be right if you enjoy manifesting the disappointment you expect. But that won’t make you happy. Positive results do. Pay attention to your expectations. Do you automatically brace yourself for disappointment by being pessimistic about how it will turn out? Break that habit! ??

The more you control your pessimistic responses to things you want, the better your chance of attracting what you want.??

Play thought police. Ask your close friends to also let you know if they hear you being pessimistic. You can break the habit of going in that direction by being vigilant. It’s YOUR choice. Do you want to live with lots of disappointments? If you lighten up, you’ll enjoy your life a lot more!??

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