Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I just caught the end of The Bachelor. Had to. It’s comedy on the one hand. But it sends a very sad message on the other. They all hoped to kiss this bigger than life man. Each woman lunged for his mouth when the opportunity was there, not caring who might have been there not long before her. Yuck! I’m glad it’s on at 10 so there are less young girls watching and getting a sorry message.

Talk about stomping on your empowerment! Thinking of him as a husband after knowing him for just a short time. Praying for his attention. Jealous of so many other women who vie for and get his attention. The stereotypes it reinforces is shameful. Women need to own themselves first! And then there was the blond who didn’t get picked. Crying about how she hoped they’d get married! Lady, you barely know him! She actually, through tears, said many things like:

“I’m going home empty-handed.” You have yourself honey! Stop looking to find the man who’s a prize like something in a box of Cracker Jacks! Even if he picked you, you’d still be going home empty-handed if you don’t value your own worth! Since leaving DoorMatville, I always go home full, because I’m great company solo!

“I wanted my dad to be proud of me.” What kind of dad would be proud of a daughter who makes a fool of herself on TV and competes for the attention of one guy, like there’s no one else for you. Didn’t your dad teach you to have some self-respect? I guess not.

I’ll try not to peek at the show next week but no promises. It’s fascinating how it just keeps getting worse!

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