J Walking

Well, it continues. Drudge has a hot red link to a YouTube video in which Gov. Huckabee (a more rotund Gov. Huckabee) :Lost, of course, is any sense of context, any sense as to what was going on – paying for schools for instance. But none of that matters. For a certain segment of Republicans raising taxes for any reason is an act of heresy – just like talking about God is an act of heresy for certain Democrats. Here is a different perspective on Huckabee from Governing Magazine who named him on of the top public officials in 2005:

Huckabee, who has been testing the 2008 presidential waters, is a true exemplar of the concept of “compassionate conservatism.” He has overseen breakthroughs in health coverage for children, education management and school finance. He also sponsored the largest tax cuts Arkansas has ever seen, as well as the state’s biggest road construction package. And the state this year racked up the largest budget surplus in its history.

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