J Walking

Our long weekend of family thanksgiving is over. My older daughters are back at home with their mom. The babies are asleep. Kim and I are trying to get the house back in basic functioning order. Our sweet dog Sam – who is normally ready to go outside and play at any moment – has been comatose the last several hours.
I was going to try and write some politically-oriented or news-oriented blog post this evening. But as I dug back into the news it all seemed rather distant and blah to me. We’ve been so removed from it – our TVs are never on and our newspapers and magazines have gone unread and the Internet has only been used by the girls to research this and that – that I can’t quite dig right back in this evening.
Instead I offer just this one picture. I took it on Friday afternoon as the whole family played in the leaves in the front yard. I have no idea what I did or how it turned out this way but…

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