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There is a debate going on inside the Romney camp over whether or not he should give a “religion” speech. The concern is that such a speech would simply draw attention to the “religion issue.”
I hope he gives the speech. There are certain things I’d love to hear him say. The latent speechwriter in me takes a crack at them:
– Yes, I am a Mormon. That faith is essential part of my life and that faith informs and animates my life.
– But I am not running to be America’s pastor, I am running to be America’s president.
– If I were running to be pastor-in-chief, we should have a long discussion about my theology. It would be the essential discussion – virtually the only discussion that matters.
– Since I am running for president, however, we have already discussed it far too much. And not just my faith but also Rudy’s faith and Hillary’s faith and Barack’s faith and Mike’s faith. Our founders didn’t think it wise for there to be a religious test for elected office, neither should we.
– We have gotten the God of Life and the God of politics confused. We have gotten the prince of this world confused with the Prince of Peace. Only faith can tackle America’s biggest problems – broken families and broken hearts and broken bodies. Those things that eat at America’s soul – divorce and abortion and illegitimate births and drugs and abuse – those things are largely beyond government’s reach. Lord knows we have tried and tried and tried to make the government conquer those things – even those who call themselves “conservatives.” But we need to take a step back now and say that government cannot do but the people of God can. In the process, we have not demanded from our political leaders the things we should be demanding. Our politicians must lead well. Our government must function better. Our budget must be controlled. Our nation must be seen as a light around the world and not as a bully. I am focusing on the things of government because that is what the President of the United States should do and that is the office for which I am running.

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