J Walking

From my friend Pia who sent along Awe and watched the GodTube video.

There is something that links the two videos you posted – vulnerability redeemed. Maybe it is this that makes our breath catch in our throat–seeing the manifestation of what we long for in the deepest parts of our being?
Somehow the truth breaks through, overturning everything and everyone’s expectations, and making the ‘impossible’ possible. The truth rescues us. Those judges and their jaded outlooks were completely vanquished by the simple truth of the sheer beauty brought forth by Paul Potts. And the demons in the Lifehouse video were ultimately vanquished by Truth itself.
What is just so breathtaking is that everyone seems to recognize something here, even if we can not put precise words to it. We recognize the same thing. It’s such a powerful connecting force, whatever it may be that brings us to tears when we see it, even fleetingly, and moves us to share it.
Imagine, if just those few moments of something divine can do this to all of us, what must His reality be like?

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