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The Republicans have reported their fundraising numbers for the last quarter. Rudy Giuliani is in with $11 million, Mitt Romney raised $10 million, Fred Thompson a little more than $9 million and down the line John McCain raised $6 million and Ron Paul $5 million.
A lot of people will focus on the $100 million edge Democrats have over the Republican field – Sen. Clinton has raised $90 million, which is almost as much Giuliani and Romney have raised… combined.
In some ways that figure means nothing, however, because the money-rich Dems will be slugging it out against each other in the primaries and not against the Republicans. In fact, it can be argued that they just have an extra $100 million to make themselves look bad with negative ads.
The bigger story, however, is this – the continued political fast by Christians. They are simply not giving this go round… to anyone. They aren’t even giving to Mike Huckabee or Sam Brownback, the most clearly Christian of all the candidates.
I am increasingly curious whether this fast, this abstinence from the 2008 race, will change – even if Sen. Clinton wins the Democratic nomination and evangelical political leaders try and whip up a “the sky is falling” campaign against her.

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