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Coming soon to a worried parent near you: a sales pitch for a $1,000 football helmet that can monitor the precise location and severity of impacts to little Johnny’s head. Leading helmetmaker Riddell plans to begin flooding high schools with take-home brochures this month and to start shipping this concussion-sensing gear to families in November. Says Riddell marketing chief Jim Heidenreich: “If people buy $1,000 drivers and $500 baseball bats, we hope they’ll spend that kind of money on head protection.

I am guessing there will come a day when parents say, “OK, enough.” I’m just not sure when that will be. I think this is ridiculous. It is football for heaven’s sake. Heads get knocked around in football and have for a very long time and yet life moves on. If you don’t want to risk a child getting their head hit have them take up croquet.
All that being said, could I imagine being tempted by something like this? Yeah, kind of. I want my child to be safe and I want to do everything I can to keep him safe. And that is exactly what every company will prey on – guilt..and fear. Parents’ guilt they aren’t doing enough and parents’ fear that if they don’t do more something will happen.
Faith isn’t an easy answer here either because faith still requires responsibility; a parent has to protect their child and isn’t this just a way of protecting?
I think the answer is no but I can’ tell you why.

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