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I repost something beautiful from the comments section attached to my last post about Mitch. Please read to the end:

My heart is melting. It is pooling in the same place in my body that it did less than a year ago when I buried my son. I can barely see through my tears again. I will stumble my way in words.
Thank you for coming into my life and taking me to a place of love that I have hidden so deep inside me that I thought I would never feel again.
You are entering eternity where time no longer exists. Sweet heart, none of us want to die for reasons we cannot understand. But death is only for a moment. Know that your mom and dad will be there with you in what to you will be in the blink of an eye, because time will have no existence. The Lord will be hugging you and at the same time telling you “Look there’s the people who were your mother and father just moments ago in your earthly life. Now they are forever your beloved friends.” Time does not exist to God. Everything is now. It’s hard to think about but it is true.
I believe this with all of my being.
Thank you Mitchell. I do love you.
Tracy, [Mitchell’s mom]
No one will be able to ease your mind through this so don’t even worry about others, as that will come to you in time. This is your child and so precious no words can truly hold the value of you and Mitchell until words will hold you both forever. The numbness of your body and soul is profound and it is holy. Only our spirits can reach to you as mine does now.
Remember when you were a child? It was just moments ago wasn’t it? No matter how many years pass until you are reunited with Mitchell, when it happens, all of the time you spent away from him will seem to have gone by in an instant. That is joy unimagineable to us now. But it will be a fact some day.
Our lives will be lived “moment to moment” from now on until all moments will seem like they just happened. But, my dear sister in Christ, live your life to the fullest. Mitchell will never leave your mind, your heart or your spirit for even one second of any day.
Jesus reminded us of this very formula for loving God didn’t he?
Now you know why. It is eternal and it is forever togetherness.
With all of my heart I send you my love.

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