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The juvenile exchange between the very evangelical Mike Huckabee and the very Catholic Sam Brownback continues. The New York Times political blog captures the whole ridiculous situation here.
In hugely condensed form, it began with a pastor – not affiliated with the Huckabee campaign – sending around an email saying Huckabee deserved support because he was an evangelical while Brownback was Catholic. The pastor got called out and eventually apologized. Brownback’s campaign jumped on the story and started harassing Huckabee to apologize. Huckabee’s campaign hit back and said Brownback should start behaving like a Christian and apologize. Brownback’s campaign hit back saying they were trying to be Christian but Huckabee’s people hadn’t been responsive.
Meanwhile the Times says, “And like spellbound children, we’re captivated by every volley.”
This whole exchange is so pathetic, so damaging to the name of Jesus, so damaging to anyone who calls themselves a Christian, and it is over what? It is over an asinine email sent by some pastor who, instead of spreading the love of Jesus, decided to try and play political power broker.
The world watches as “Christians” behave with less integrity and honor and humility than “pagans”. Meanwhile Jesus’ name is again sullied and more and more people think him either a fool to keep hanging around these sorts of people or merely a political figment of the imagination.
For the sake of God, will everyone please apologize not for the letter but for behaving like a bunch of boors.

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