J Walking

An evolution bombshell is going off right now. Since it is an “evolution bombshell” that means it is exploding very slowly and deliberately through the pages of academic journals and the press.
The bottom line is that the iconic theory of human evolution that presented evolution as slow, steady progress from knuckle-dragging chimp to suit-wearing man. This does not blow up evolution. It does, however, throw in a mighty big kink to old theories. I read somewhere that it is akin to discovering that your grandmother and your mother were actually sisters.
I’m not sure what to make of it beyond that. This does not blow a hole in the common ancestor theory of evolution rather it messes up the pieces of a part of the puzzle fairly dramatically. Anyone else have more complete knowledge here? What does this all really mean?
I am amused that this very significant find is receiving very little media play. Evolution has become such a religious issues – so religious in its own right – that credible critiques of the theory are relatively muted.

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