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The new way to measure church growth…

For the past 20 years or so church “progress” and “success” has been measured by a single factor – size. Now, there is a new trend – it isn’t about size, it is about reach. This is good news. I have cringed at story after story of mega churches spending $100 million or more on mega sanctuaries and campusesd that seem to isolate churches from the community around them. I am not saying that they do no good, far from it. I am just saying that perhaps the fixation on growth and size have stood in the way of greater good and that perhaps a change in the measuring stick for success will help Christ’s church to grow stronger. Find more about it here.

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posted April 27, 2007 at 4:27 pm

David, what needs to be noticed, is that in Mega-Churches is the rational fear Christians have of non-Christian Secualr Humanists (Liberals, Progressives, Democrats) these days.There is safety in numbers. For whatever reason “the Left” feels they have for criminalizing Christians and threatening the freedoms we have, Christian people are gathering in large numbers thinking that that will help them raise their children safely away from the influences of Liberals and Progressives. Mega-Churches are the proof that Christians feel the need to band together for peace and safety. Hopefully someday America will dissolve into many different countries where those that see life and liberty as coming from God, can live away from secular fanatical, absolutists. While Massachusetts, California and New York liberals have influence over Christians in the United States (a joke), we will always live in the darkness promoted, supported and encouraged by Leftist. One can only hope that such a day will come when America is only a large body of land made up of free countries before America is led by the Democrats in great numbers.Example of the evil permeating our lands, is the sadness some people have over the decison to allow the ban on Partial Birth Abortion.The evil scaring Christians into large enclaves is real. Hopefully these Mega-Churches will one day spark the same kind of actions as did the Christian Churches in the 1700’s. Let us pray.

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posted April 27, 2007 at 5:25 pm

Unfortunately Donny the evil you boast is false. It is the fear that is the real danger.

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posted April 29, 2007 at 1:56 am

Ah, mega churches. In my Catholic land any new church is a mega church because there is a priest shortage. The trick beccomes to get as many people as possible at mass. You have a sanctuary that holds 700 – four masses a weekend – 2800 people – one priest who knows almost nobody and who is worked beyond limits of real people. He gets more distant, hires a staff that is 85% female and who have no control over anything – father and the bishops make all the decisions. Pretty dysfunctional to say the least. But then there is my Nazarene neighbor – who tells me that if a pastor ever admits to a sexual issue – of any kind, he is out, defrocked, forever barred from serving. Now, one of the biggest issues among clergy is apparently around pornography – 40% admit to viewing it – yeah 40% – and now I’m looking for source on that. but if that number is even remotely accurate – there’s a big problem among clergy of all stripes. Why? Would the size of a church the pressure to have enough money, to build – would that in any way affect clergy in a negative way? Mega churches in any denomination are a potential danger if the top guy has all the power. There is a very large church in my community where the founding pastor has carefully and thoughtfully made sure that he did not have that kind of power. I trust what comes out of that church. Another is just beginning to realize that their minister -whom they never questioned – has made the church his own personal ATM. And that he was always in it for the money, not for any other reason. There are functional churches like the one David describes in St. Louis and less than functional ones. I think when all decision making is in the hands of one person – watch out. The best clergy I have known – need the least power. Seems to go along with the teachings of Jesus. As I recall he gave up stuff in the desert – power over others was a big one.

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Chaz Yaqoot

posted July 11, 2013 at 12:15 am

I fully agree Pastor. God is not interested in numbers but in the servitude of His true believer’s who submit themselves to His will. Since the term “Church” does not mean a building or a structure but rather a congregation that praise their creator. In this regard, it is irrelevant if the church is held in a straw hut or a 100 million dollar sactuary. If the focus of the worshippers is on God, then it does not matter if they sit on the floor, or plush seats., scorching heat or ice cold air condioning. And if souls are saved there, then a little straw hut church is as magnificient as a massive cathederal- at least in God’s eyes.

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