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Arguably this isn’t the best time for me to be writing this. This just isn’t a good health day. I think day one of chemo does that to a person. Of course, this could be the perfect time so here it goes.

Mary Cheney and Heather Poe, her partner of 20-years, are going to have a baby and I will bet you that Vice President Cheney is doing something that doesn’t appear to come naturally for him – similing from ear to ear. Why? Because he is going to be a grandfather to a child he knows will grow up loved. So if Dick Cheney can smile shouldn’t everyone be smiling?

Every life – as the Bible teaches – is a gift from God. The Bible teaches that God has numbered our days from before time began and that means that he knew us from before time began. That is true of you and me and Mary Cheney and the baby she is carrying. God is knitting that child together in Mary Cheney’s womb and that child is precious. And as Rick Warren also points out in Purpose Driven Life, God uses our childhood upbringing for His good and for His purposes. Bottom line? This child is in good hands.

Now, a plea to the religious right political leaders. Do not use Mary and Heather’s relationship or this child for your own financial gain. Do not send out incendiary letters trying to incite the men and women who support by saying that this is some dark moment in the culture war. Because this isn’t a dark moment in the culture war. This isn’t even a moment in the culture war. This is about a child coming to life.

There is more to write but right now I can’t. On what isn’t a terribly fun day in my life I want to focus on this new life just like I am focused on the new life that my wife is carrying and celebrate it.

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