J Walking

This is becoming the anti-1994.

In 1994, I staffed Bill Bennett as he tromped around the country raising money for Bill Frist and John Ashcroft and Rick Santorum and Mike DeWine and dozens of others. I helped lead the “Candidate Schools” Bennett and Kemp ran for Republicans across the country. I knew the “revolutionary class of 1994” – they were the ones who pledged over and over that they were going to change Washington, that Washington wasn’t going to change them. Twelve years later some of them are going down early…

…I remember meeting DeWine for the first time. He was a nerdy, bespectacled, guy who was running for the Senate because – in part – his faith compelled him to make a run to change America and defeat Bill Clinton. There was a clarity to his language, vision and even to his eyes – he was one of those citizen legislators our Founders envisioned. Now his time is over and a new citizen will step into his place and pledge that he is going to change Washington…

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