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James Dobson, Christian psychiatrist and political activist. His first reaction Wednesday upon hearing the accusation against Rev. Ted Haggard:

“Ted Haggard is a friend of mine and it appears someone is trying to damage his reputation as a way of influencing the outcome of Tuesday’s election — especially the vote on Colorado’s marriage-protection amendment — which Ted strongly supports.”

What is most remarkable about the statement is what it is lacking – any mention of Jesus. There is friendship which, of course, is admirable. There is loyalty that is similarly admirable. But it appears that after that the most important thing is politics, an election, and Colorado’s marriage-protection amendment.

Jesus does show up in the latest release, however:

“Ted has been my close friend and colleague for many years. He has been used mightily to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Colorado Springs and around the world. He will continue to be my friend, even if the worst allegations prove accurate. Nevertheless, sexual sin, whether homosexual or heterosexual, has serious consequences and we are extremely concerned for Ted, his family and his church.

“We ask that the Focus on the Family constituency and Christians everywhere pray for Ted and his loved ones. Our hearts go out to all of them. Perhaps the allegations are false and the circumstances are not as we have heard. Either way, the situation has grave implications for the Cause of Christ and we ask for the Lord’s guidance and blessings in the days ahead.”

“…for the Cause of Christ…” – that is what matters to all of those who try and follow Jesus. Whether an amendment is past or an election won, the name and reputation of Jesus is of eternal significance. Perhaps Dr. Dobson has learned a lesson and as Tuesday’s election approaches he will be telling those who follow him to remember Jesus is more important than politics.

Likely? No. Possible? Sure. With God anything is possible.

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