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An amazing article from John W. Whitehead, head of the Rutherford Insitute — a conservative legal organization that, at one point, represented Paula Jones — has just been published. Take a quick look at his bio and you will see what a serious man he is.

The following paragraph is such a powerful synopsis of the problems of political obsession and the corruption of the faith surrounding Jesus:

“Yet such scandals [Foley and Haggard] are merely the byproduct of a graver problem. Modern Christianity, having lost sight of Christ’s teachings, has been co-opted by legalism, materialism, and politics. Simply put, it has lost its spirituality.”

Yes, yes, yes. Again, yes.

“Whereas Christianity was once synonymous with charity, compassion, and love for one’s neighbor, today it is more often equated with partisan politics, anti-homosexual rhetoric and affluent mega-churches. But unlike many Christians today, Christ did not engage in politics, identify with the government or attempt to push an agenda through governmental channels. Indeed, Christ spoke truth to power and made it abundantly clear that his kingdom was not of this world.”

Click here for the rest of the article.

This is an amazing moment in American spiritual life where Evangelicals are asking the big questions. And more and more are hearing a simple message from God: “My Kingdom is not of this world.” They are paying attention to that message like never before and asking God what exactly that means.

It is the right question for all of us. These are great times.

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