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Are evangelicals moving left and talking about the environment and poverty and Africa? Will this move translate to enough new votes for Democrats to bring them to Congressional power?

Were this world all that was at play, was the question just a question of the right political priorities, these might be the most important questions. But in the light of the eternal, these are not the only questions.

So, for evangelicals preparing to vote, a caution to remember that voting for Democrats who are speaking pretty to you isn’t the answer either. This is especially true in light of what Andrew Sullivan highlights here:

Here’s some vile rhetoric from Maryland:

“Everyone who’s your color is not your kind,” the Rev. Delman L. Coates told the mostly black congregation at Mount Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton. “All your skinfolk is not your kinfolk.”

“On Tuesday, we have to have more on our minds than color,” the preacher told the roughly 1,500 parishioners. He rattled off a list of unsympathetic black people, including the slave who alerted the masters to Nat Turner’s rebellion in 1831 and the black man who shot Malcolm X in 1965.

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