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Now before you judge me, let me explain. Or try to explain… When I started working at, a friend of mine was working at EMI Christian music group and in charge of securing “reviews” for the cover of Carman’s […]

Remember when I said that I had asked Rob Bell a question last week when he was here in Nashville? Well somebody got video of Rob’s answer… My question was: “Rob, we’ve focused a lot of time and attention of […]

One of the questions that I get quite often is this: Are you angry? The answer to that question changes. Today the answer is no, I’m not angry. Two days ago the answer would have been eh, maybe a little. […]

Sometimes I like taking scripture and retelling the story or rewriting the prose using my own words. This morning I was reading King Solomon’s familiar words in Ecclesiastes 3. I decided to write it down using my own… Good Days […]

Google Alerts brought this to my attention, one blogger’s list of Twitter accounts that he/she thought people should follow. And guess what? I was one of them. Nice, huh? I thought so too! And for a split second I was […]

Matthew Paul Turner-On Questions from Cross Point Church on Vimeo. Some of you have seen this… I posted this video a year or so ago. But lately I received a lot of comments and email inquiries about it, so I […]

August 1993. I was working on a mullet. Jean shorts were actually cool. I thought that t-shirt was cool. Right above my head I’d hung a poster of Amy Grant. I’d never been to a movie theater. Or heard of […]

Once in awhile a reader will send me an email that stands out from the others. Hard to explain. It’s not that it’s better than the other letters I receive; there’s just something special about it… I think you’ll agree […]

uh… I find notes around the house… like this one I found this morning in one of the kitchen cabinets… Sweet, huh? But I can’t wait for her to return tomorrow night.

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