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Caption this!


Caption this…

JUST IN CASE YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE THEM… The three creatures include Lenin, Mickey Mouse, and Jesus… Found at Christian Nightmares…


The 1,746,543rd thing that Jesus hates…

Picture taken and sent to me by Richy.


The Jesus Trail

Found here.

Jesus Picture of the Day! (the Republicans Won the House edition)

I kid.

Jesus wants you to Google…

Some of the best ‘Jesus Signs’ at the rally to restore sanity

I thought Jon Stewart’s speech at his Rally to Restore Sanity was great and really focused on topics and themes that most people, regardless of party affiliation, can relate to on some level. If you haven’t heard it, check it […]

You’re hurting me, Jesus…

May your Halloween be happy… and Satanless.

The ‘Jesus Lean': The Electric Slide for Christians…

Sent to me by Dan Portnoy.

‘Social juctice is the exact opposite of Jesus’ says @GlennBeck

Found at Christian Nightmare.

‘Jesus Needs New PR’ t-shirt

BUY HERE. A portion of every sale will go to support World Vision. (More products to come.)

Jesus billboard of the day!

Controversial? Heretical? Sobering? Telling? What do you think of THIS picture of Jesus?

Amazing. And sad. But speaks volumes… Your thoughts?

How Communists Teach Kids to Hate Jesus (with candy!)

Wow. The pastor of my old childhood church must have seen this movie because he told us this EXACT story several times during his sermons. Crazy… Found at Dangerous Minds.

SCARY: People Dressing Up Like Jesus for Halloween

(The real Donald Miller was not hurt during the writing of this blog post. I love Donald Miller. I love him–even though he blocked me on Twitter–I LOVE HIM! Seriously, I do.) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Jesus Silhouette of the Day!


Kentucky Republican Rand Paul hates Jesus?!

Wow. Though I hate political ads like this one, I soooooo want to know the whole story behind “Aqua Buddha”! Is it November 3rd yet? Can we pretend? Found at Dangerous Minds!

I found Jesus! I found Jesus!

It wasn’t easy.

Powerlifting Our Sin?

A very weird picture in my opinion. What’s the theology of this picture? Anybody have an idea?

Jesus Pictures of the Week (the ‘love people’ edition!

WARNING: This Jesus might give you a headache…


HOLY WARDROBE MALFUNCTION… (Jesus had man boobs?!)

Thank you, Jordan, for sending this to me… Your thoughts? Perhaps a caption? Maybe some “hate” toward me for using the word “boob” in the same headline as word “Jesus”?

NO! We don’t do this to Jesus.

Do Facts Matter To Faith?

According to THIS report, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Okay, that’s not exactly true. However, the article does suggest that tomorrow is the day before Jesus’s TRUE birthday. The article claims… The Gospels inform us that John the Baptist, who was […]

Get your tickets to see Jesus…



Your Daily Bread

Buy a Jesus Toaster here.

A Jesus Bed-in-a-Bag

Available at Macy’s? Found here

Jesus at

Found at

The confessional Tweets of @KanyeWest in Jesus’s mouth…

Thank you @KanyeWest…(All tweets were copied word for word from Kanye’s Twitter page.)

IMAGE: Salvation is possessive…

Jesus walked on Mars!

Look! A giant boot print. On Mars. And praise the Lord, it’s left all those scientific smarty-pants scratching their heads and wondering HOW in the world could a boot print so huge end up on Mars. Well, I know how… […]

Do you love Jesus as much as this little guy?

A firm, supportive, and comfortable Jesus…

Night night Jesus… I’m sort of glad we can’t see what’s written in the thought bubble.

How Jesus spends his Sabbath

The name of this painting is actually “Sabbath.”

Once again crossing my line… this picture may offend you

Just in case you lose your faith in Jesus…

Hot Jesus

A finger-lickin’ good Jesus picture of the day!

Caption anybody? Thanks Heather.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our…

…signs …billboards …post-it notes …uh, whatever this is …flags (Yep. That’s me holding the flag.) …drumsticks …doodling …toy rosaries (I seriously doubt this person is Catholic.)

Some clarification about my blog…

Good morning. Okay, so while I was sleeping I received a handful of emails about my post regarding Rick Warren’s Tweet, so let me clarify a couple things. I like Rick Warren. I’ve met him twice and thought he was […]

Eat THIS in remembrance of me

Evangelizing at the pump! Now, you can get gas and God.

Wait a minute. Green? Yellow? Is this a BP station?! Found at Christian Nightmares.

Crossing the line that I usually don’t cross

For me, this picture of Jesus is pretty sobering. But it also inspires me. At first, this image offended me. Let me explain: People ask me all the time if I have a “line” that I won’t cross to what […]

Purchase Jesus in marble for $21 Million

See Jesus? Well, he’s there! And according to the ad on… THIS IS NOT A HOAX! “JESUS IN THE MARBLE”, A PRICELESS MODERN DAY MIRACLE! (Looks like cracks in a wall to me. Sure, I see “Jesus,” but I […]

Hipster Jesus!

Or is it Emo Jesus? Or I Shop At Target Jesus? Or…. ?

Are you a female who loves Jesus AND vampires? This is for you. XOXO

Okay, but does Jesus bite? And uh… do you think this t-shirt is Mormon just like the vampires on Twilight are Mormon? Sent to me by @nickcarnes

Would you let your child play with this?

What might happen if Jesus dove into a pool…

Oh dear. Found.

WATCH THIS: Thief chooses Jesus over cash (fascinating)

What a sweet and brave woman. Thoughts?

A third slice of America’s Jesus!

Now THAT makes me want to confess my sins. High on Jesus. (Pot found inside framed Jesus art.) I’m hoping this is satire. But I couldn’t verify. Again, high on Jesus. Science project? Jesus loves me this I know. For […]

My new favorite blog: Tea Party Jesus

Combine REAL quotes from Tea Party members… with fake pictures of Jesus… And you get the hilarious blog Tea Party Jesus.

Coathanger Jesus

Hmm. I once saw a preacher that, during his sermon, he sprawled out on a bed of needles. And then he put another bed of needles against his chest and asked a volunteer to stand on top. I think this […]

A church where even Jesus gets buzzed

I’ll have what Jesus is having.

WATCH THIS: An evangelical family in Netherlands refuses to remove ‘JEZUS REDT’ sign

Apparently, the beautiful family featured in this video is considered “fanatically Christian” in the Netherlands. Dutch officials are requesting they remove the words “JEZUS REDT” (Jesus Saves) from their rooftop. The family refuses to remove their message. BUT they do […]


Wow. I don’t know who created (or manipulated) this picture of Jesus. And I don’t know why. But I think it makes a very good point. The Christian faith often gets presented like it’s a Happy Meal with a toy […]

‘Jesus’ according to @GlennBeck

Watch the latest video at

If Jesus had come to earth as an animal…

There is nothing redemptive or scriptural about this post.

A good crass story…

I found this story at the site Not Always Right… UPDATE: THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL STORY. It’s a true story, but one that I found at the website mentioned above… Just wanted to clarify because some of the comments […]

Jesus Pictures! (Another ‘I’m with you’ edition)

“You’re hurting my tree, Joe. I know this because trees sometimes talk to me when you forget to. Rocks, too. Like, right now this tree wants you to stop drilling that hole, Joe. You’re making the tree cry. It wants […]

Jesusless in Seattle?

Seattle isn’t as Jesusless as I expected it to be… The best part of these clips is my laugh at the end of clip 2.

The BLACK LIGHT of Christ!

Found at Crazy Christian Clips.

WHAT THE? Jesus makes the cover of PLAYBOY!

In Portugal. Not in the U.S. Okay? Now breath… Again, I repeat: Jesus is on the cover of Playboy IN PORTUGAL. I don’t want anybody to hyperventilate or have a heart attack. You can rest easy knowing that America’s Jesus […]

A third slice of America’s Jesus! (the APOSTROPHE edition!)

“JESUS” etched into one’s forearm. Ouch. Out of my momma’s womb and then circumcised! Just. Like. Jesus. Way too easy. Died on the cross for my sin’s what? MY SIN’S WHAT? I need to know. Righteous. Possessive much? Seriously, sport’s […]

Another crazy slice of America’s ‘Jesus’

Just a guess, but I bet Floyd takes high blood pressure medication and sometimes sets his Bible on his belly. Again, just a guess. I wonder if Jesus has asked Arnold to “say it”… you know, his shtick… “Whatchu talkin’ […]

What would YOUR Psalm 23 say?

The Lord is… my mechanic my plastic surgeon my yoga instructor my president my lover I shall not want? He maketh me to lie down… in a house with three screaming kids on a stage in front of thousands on […]

Jesus picture of the week (an unfunny selection)

I like this depiction of Jesus. It’s simple and polite. The “need” in his eyes is compelling and humble. And I love his hands. What do you think?

QUESTION FOR YOU: When the Lord’s supper and popular culture collide

Look at the following pictures…. then answer the question below.

If you read one book this year… read this one.

Please read Mere Churchianity. It’s the first and only book by Michael Spencer (“The Internet Monk”). Michael died of cancer a few weeks back. BUY THIS BOOK. AND THEN READ IT. You will thank me. Here’s what I wrote for […]

JESUS ON FIRE! (11 seconds of famous Jesus statue burning)

Touchdown Jesus is no more. It burned down last night after being hit by lightning. The story is here. **UPDATE** There will be a second coming! Of “Touchdown Jesus.” Yep… the church’s electronic sign had a simple message flashing Tuesday […]

Do you know JESUS® as your personal investor, I mean, savior?

The world needs to hear about JESUS®. They do. And you need to tell them all about him. Here are just a few things about JESUS® that you should know. JESUS® wants to live in your heart. At some point […]

A VANISHING GOD a post by Frank Viola (ALSO: Enter to win a copy of JESUS MANIFESTO!)

Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet just released their new book Jesus Manifesto. In celebration of that release, I invited Frank to write a guest post for Jesus Needs New PR.  Learn more about the book at (ALSO: Below the […]

‘Hey Henry! Get in here. Look who I found underneath the wallpaper!’

Okay… so my wife says she can see Jesus. I can’t. I mean, if I “see” Jesus, I also see Larry the Cucumber, my Great Aunt Gertrude, and C3PO. Who/what do you see? And even if you see Jesus, would […]

A big ole slice of America’s ‘Jesus’! (crazy. funny. sad.)

First, for all you literary peeps out there, here’s the perfect example of an “eye rhyme.” You know, two words that LOOK like they should rhyme, but don’t. Next, we see a sign offering us another way to say “Jesus […]

Naked man claiming to be Jesus stops traffic on I-95

From the AP… DARIEN, Conn. — Police said a naked man yelling that he was ‘Jesus’ was the catalyst for a five-vehicle accident on Interstate 95 North in Darien that injured three people and slowed traffic for nearly six hours. […]

This guy loves the cross of Jesus more than you do!

Does Joshua Sarhan love Jesus’s cross more than you? Maybe… Do you have a big wooden cross with a wheel on it? Huh? Are you wheeling your cross all across America to remind people that they need Jesus? Well, are […]

Jesus Pictures of the Week (the ‘light of Christ’ edition) SHARE!

So this is what the Holy Spirit does…

I wonder if the Holy Spirit should be blamed for this, too… Found: Christian Nightmares.

Is Comedy Central ‘Christophobic’?!

Well, according to Ted Baehr, yes! Who’s Ted? He’s the founder of Movieguide and somebody who once worked for me while I was the music and entertainment editor of Crosswalk (that’s long story that I’ll refrain from reliving on my […]

May the peace be with you!

RANDOM GOODNESS: A hodgepodge post about nothing in particular…

My family–Dad, Mom, sister Elisabeth, and my nephew Christian–are in town this week. So far Elias is having fun hanging out with his cousin. But forgive me for this mess of a blog post… Mousetrap him! Mousetrap HIM! Lego my […]

Sh*t Christians Like and Make (and then put on TV for other people to see)

This is hilarious. Before you complain about me using 75 percent of the slang word for poo, watch the video. I think you’ll wonder why I used the asterisk. And this is why I have always turned down interviews with […]

At his Glenn Beck & call: one pastor responds

This post is written by pastor and all around good guy (my friend) Adam. OK. It makes my wife nervous when I wade into these kinds of discussions, especially when I do it publicly. Now, for the record, I claim […]

BLOG POST: My Jesus is always moist and delicious (Share!)

Must thank Chad Estes for giving me the “Jesus Cake” idea.

An iceberg didn’t sink the Titanic!?

This picture was seen at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas… the church where comedian John Hagee is the pastor. In all seriousness, what is Jesus doing in this picture? Is he helping save the women and children? Is he […]

Jesus pictures of the day-OMG edition! (Share if you like!)

Caption THIS Jesus picture of the day!

Inked in Christ… #NashvilleFlood

Yesterday, my neighbor Andrea stopped me as I was walking toward my front door. “Gosh it’s good to see you; I’ve been worried about you guys.” Somehow Jessica and I had failed to tell her that we would be in […]

The worst Christian t-shirts ever?

Found at! Visit this link for a list of the SIXTY worst Christian t-shirts EVER! A great post.

Praise the Lord with THIS flower!

Flower Power is back! And rather than focusing its attention on peace signs and Mother Nature, it’s turned its floral attention toward Jesus! EVERYBODY SING! “Turn your flower upon Jesus… “ I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always wanted […]

HOCKEY UPDATE: After ‘Jesus saves,’ THIS happens…

Sent to me by @WordFlyer

If you love Jesus and hockey, this is for you!

Sent to me from Lee!

Rock, paper, scissors Jesus!

“The winner betrays the loser!” -Jesus Sent to me by James Stephen (<-Check out his site!)

Jesus Christ will bail you out of Maryland jails!

Found at Christian Nightmares.

TWISTED & SQUEAKY: Jesus picture of the day!

This Jesus has six appendages and a thorax.

Speedos for Jesus

A little gem that is making its way around the Internet. So he’s proud of his faith? What’s the big deal?

Jesus Pictures of the Week (Earth Day Edition!!)

Joseph & Mary go on Maury Povich! (I’ll get letters for this one.)

Blame Daniel for posting this one and allowing me to find it.

Jesus picture of the day! #DancingWithTheStars

“Come on, John, get it right! This is where you’re supposed to dip me! I follow you, remember?” -Jesus Sent to me by @davidwigington

Photograph proving Jesus saves!

Not sure if this is biblical or not.

Oklahoma churchgoers ‘hard on’ crucifix! (what do you think?)

This is a brand new crucifix at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Warr Acres, Oklahoma. And it is causing quite the uprising. Some churchgoers think the “art” reveals Jesus’s penis and testicles. The artist’s husband, Reggie Jaime, says, “This […]

Are you blessed?

“God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted. God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the […]

Spider Jesus, Spider Jesus… does whatever a Spider Jesus does

“Now don’t move. I’m gonna crawl over there and paralyze you with my venom and then eat you as a snack later.” -Jesus Picture sent to me by Barry Hill.

‘Touchdown Jesus’ to receive a power wash

For those of you not familiar with “Touchdown Jesus,” you’ve obviously not driven up Interstate 75 through Ohio! Because if you had driven on I-75 outside of Cincinnati, you would have certainly witnessed the majesty and monstrosity of Solid Rock […]

Jesus pictures of the week!

Another Jesus sigh-ting (in a tie-dye shirt)

Hmm… Honestly, I think the man who sees “Jesus” looks more like “Jesus” than the image on the t-shirt. I think it looks like Skeletor.

Proof that the Lord’s Supper happened at my church! (@pwilson, is it true?)

This is what a joygasm looks like. I hear Lady Gaga. Sent to me by Kai!


Sweet Jesus! Look at that, it’s a honey bun or a doughnut or some other kind of deep-fried dough shaped liked our Lord and Savior! My Twitter friend Dennis found this fattening crucifix at a bakery in his hometown of […]

Florida church adds 4th service for Easter, parodies ‘NSYNC to promote… ugh

This physically hurts me. Found at Christian Nightmares.

CONFESSION: My trouble with ‘studying God’

According to, the word “theology” means, the field of study and analysis that treats of God and of God’s attributes and relations to the universe; study of divine things or religious truth; divinity. My friend Adam, a pastor in […]

FREE BOOK! ‘The Lost Tweets of Jesus’ found just in time for Easter

My good friend, author Ed Cyzewski recently announced in a press release that he’d discovered the lost Twitter account of Jesus. Then shortly after that, he announced that he would be turning Jesus’s twitter into a book and hopefully profiting […]

I am stuck on JESUS® cuz JESUS® is stuck on me…

Do you ever have those moments when you just want Jesus to come and make it all better? I do. But now I don’t need to ask him to make it all better, I just reach into my medicine cabinet […]

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