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This post was written by Adam Ellis. I originally thought I might write a response to all of the “controversy” surrounding  Rob Bell and his forthcoming new book. I have appreciated Rob’s work over the years, and certainly feel the […]

Four months ago, when I traveled to Seoul for some vacation time (a visit that included going up to the DMZ and stepping into North Korea briefly), I visited the Korean War Memorial. It’s a gigantic monument, with a large […]

Well, sort of. Yes, there are Christian musicians in New England. But not many… and I don’t know if I’m a Christian musician necessarily. But I am definitely a Christian and a musician… if that makes sense. My name is […]

This post is written by my friend Aaron Reddin. Let me say this: 2009 thoroughly sucked.  And when I say it sucked… I mean… Well, it just sucked, OK? There were some really amazing things that took place, but their […]

If you ask any of us what we need most this holiday season, I can almost guarantee that most of us would say, “time.” We need time to shop, time to clean, time to cook, time to think, time to […]

The following post is written by my friend and fellow writer Kevin D. Hendricks. I asked Matthew to help promote my new book and he threw it back to me, asking me to write a guest post. So here I […]

“I think [Christians] are called to candor, to being honest about our own confusion.” This line, delivered off the cuff by author David Dark (The Sacredness of Questioning Everything) in a poorly lit interview with some no-name Toronto journalist, sent […]

This is a guest post by my friend Chad Gibbs, the author of the very thoughtful and hilarious God and Football. (You can follow him on Twitter here… @chad_gibbs) Last week when I excitedly told my wife that Matthew Paul […]

A guest post by @MikeStiner I currently work for a restaurant in Macomb Michigan called Shield’s Pizza.  I do that to help pay for my schooling.  I’m also on volunteer director of student ministry at my church (grades sixth through […]