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The true spirit of Christmas.

That’s the topic that World Vision asked me to blog about.

From today through December 20th, as a part of World Vision’s 12 Blogs of Christmas, more than 20 bloggers from various walks of life will be posting their own ideas about the “true spirit of Christmas” on their blogs as well as on the World Vision blog…

And you’re invited to participate!  Find out all of the details HERE.

Simply write a blog post or take a picture or make a video–just blog something that, for you, represents your idea of the true spirit of Christmas… and then, once its live and featured on your blog, “link it up” to the 12 Blogs of Christmas linky… (see link up info at the bottom of this post!)…

Now, here’s my post about the true spirit of Christmas…

One way each of us can celebrate the True Spirit of Christmas is by helping World Vision help children and families all over the world. While you may not be able to afford to sponsor a child (or maybe you do), the World Vision Gift Catalog is a wonderful way to give some of value (something that’s sustainable) to a family in need!

Click here to view World Vision’s Gift Catalog!

The catalog is filled with a wide variety of gift ideas that people all over the world need, things that often help a family become healthy, live sustainably, and experience some hope in their situations…

Give a family five ducks!

Give a family a goat and two chicks!

Give the gift of clean water!

Give a family a donkey! Or you can share in giving a family a donkey!

My favorite thing to give is animals.

But there are hundreds of other gift ideas…

You can even help children/families here in the USA.

Over the next few weeks as you engage, share, search for, and/or experience the True Spirit of Christmas, take a moment to blog about what that means to you and consider giving the spirit of Christmas to somebody in need from around the world…

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and hopeful holiday season for all of us…

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