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The above video stars Ralph Reed. As you might know, as the leader of the Christian Coalition, Ralph was an influential political leader in the 1990s.

Today, as the leader of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Reed said…

The sad thing is that we as a nation have lost our way and we began to lose sight of the wisdom of the Constitution and the Declaration, we began to ask government to do more than it should do to meet every need; to take care of every hurting person; to set up a huge welfare state that meets every need we have; to have entitlement programs to take care of the poor, the underclass, senior citizens, and others.

Those are all good objectives. The problem is when we ask the government to do more then what it is specifically charged to do at the federal level in the Constitution, then we have the danger of our liberties being taken away. And that is exactly what has happened.

Dangerous Minds poses a question: Can any Christian readers explain to the rest of us how Reed’s political positions are in any way consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ?

Valid question. Anybody?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that many of the government’s programs for taking care of the poor are broken or don’t always work. Can I prove that? Not really. I know people who would not survive if they didn’t have some government assistance. We non-poor people think we know so much about what the poor need. While the government doesn’t provide the perfect solution, the government’s help does save some people’s lives and help many survive.

So rather than trying to rid the country of a poor-helping government, shouldn’t Christians be looking for a way to fill in the holes?

And what are these so-called “stolen” liberties that Ralph is talking about?

Is it the liberty to do more to help the poor?

Somehow I doubt it.

The Republican gospel to the poor? is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

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