Jesus Needs New PR

Yes! Pastor Ed’s “Man Stuff” conference is just around the corner! Which means… Pastor Ed will be recording lots of AWESOME videos to promote his annual Christian Dudefest to all of the testicle-donned members of his church.

According to Fellowship Church’s website…

The Men’s Conference is 24 hours of testosterone fueled MAN STUFF. Combining intensity, entertainment, teaching and worship; it’s the kind of weekend that will make you high five a total stranger!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Twenty-four hours of manliness-packed manliness! Which means electric guitars! And trucks! And wrestling! And men picking up heavy things! And high fives with strangers!

All of this manliness talk is probably what inspired Pastor Ed to do the above Man Stuff promo disguised as Barry Manilow in a fake mustache. He’s surrounded by a group of Flavour Sisters (Fellowship Church’s women ministry) all wearing fake mustaches.

Now, here’s the official 1-minute commercial for Man Stuff, which begins with a man jumping on a trampoline while making “Angry Bird” noises. We eventually learn, his jumping and squawking isn’t manly… (Cue death by fake “man sack”)

For another Man Stuff commercial, click here

Found part of this post because of Christian Nightmares.

Pastor Ed Young & the Flavour Sisters promoting ‘Man Stuff’ is a post from: Jesus Needs New PR

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