Jesus Needs New PR

Now that he’s retired from Fox News, I can only imagine that Glenn’s wife was like “You’re not going to sit around the house all day long, right?” And who could blame her? Anyway, Glenn decided to start GBTV, as in Glenn Beck Television. But unlike MTV whose M no longer means “music,” GBTV’s “GB” really does mean “Glenn Beck”. All you can eat watch Glenn Beck!!

And what more could you want?

GBTV airs imBECKable programming like…

“Glenn Beck” — Two hours of Glenn every weekday evening…

“The Glenn Beck Radio Show” — Watch 3 hours of Glenn being Glenn on the radio!

“The Making of GBTV” — Think of this as the Adam & Eve of Glenn Beck TV.

And “Beck University” for all of you who want to become Glenn Beck.

There’s also a program called “The 4th Hour,” which I assume is like the 11th hour only earlier….

But THIS WEEK Glenn is in Jerusalem saving the Jews, and guess what?! He wants you to watch him do it. So far this week’s JEWbilee has included moments with John Hagee as well as Dr. Mike Evans who is the Executive Director of The Corrie ten Boom Fellowship!!

And last night you could have joined Glenn and Tania Beck as they visited Auschwitz on the Journey to Restoring Courage….

Tonight Glenn plans to eat matzo ball soup!

Not really.

But you can click here to see what he’s planning to perform/heal/unravel in tonight’s episode.

So… have you been tuning into Jerusalem’s GlennBeckathon!?

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