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Take One For The Team from Justin McRoberts on Vimeo.

I love Justin McRoberts.

We met for coffee once. It was one of those meetings that felt divine on some level. Instant camaraderie. Similar stories. Similar passions. He’s got way too much hair and I have far too little.

And we do similar gigs, except his words come with melodies and instrumentation.

We’ve kept in touch over the last couple of years. For the last twelve months, Justin’s been working on new songs.

The one I posted above is called Take One For the Team. And Justin wrote this song for/about Anne Rice, the author. I asked him to explain that…

Well, last year Anne [Rice] disassociated herself from Christianity because she found Christians “quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious and deservedly infamous.” Trust me, I found her analysis accurate. But I thought her response missed the mark. And so, this song is one man’s response…

This song is a part of Justin’s EP C, which is available HERE on iTunes.

If you like raspy soul and melody-laced poetry about topics like justice, mercy, and Anne Rice, go listen to C. And then pretend it’s 1998 and purchase all five songs and go listen to them in order during one sitting. And then smoke a clove. I’m kidding. Mostly.

You can find Justin on Twitter here.
Online here.
On iTunes here.

Listen to the song. Share your opinions here. You know you want to.
And you can be honest. Justin can take it. Promise.

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