Jesus Needs New PR

According to the Huffington Post…

Glenn Beck delivered a message to his critics on his Thursday television show: “go to hell.”

Beck’s comments came in the middle of a nearly 19-minute monologue where he continued his theory that the protests in Egypt are being orchestrated by an alliance of Communists and Islamic fundamentalists who seek to overthrow capitalism and make a “new world order.”

He had claimed that a New York Times article had validated his theory because it spoke to young people from a wide vareity of political backgrounds who said they had joined forces to try to bring down the Mubarak regime. To Beck, this was evidence that the situation he foresaw was coming true. He then blasted President Obama for praising the protesters in his speech in Michigan on Wednesday, and tried to connect Obama to the Communists and fundamentalists he has been warning about by saying that both used “change” as a slogan.

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His ‘go to Hell’ message is at 4:17…

But before that, he talks about the “New World Order” and then asks Jesus to take him off the earth. He comments, “A lot of Americans would be happy about that…” And then he asks Jesus to do it right then and there on live television.

I think he must have gone off his meds or something… this video is sad to watch…

And what’s really strange… A good number of his viewers–the evangelical ones–believe that Glenn Beck is going to hell (be cause he’s a Mormon).

The irony actually hurts.

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