Jesus Needs New PR

Atlantic Wire blogs about speculation that Kentucky’s Creation Museum’s ‘Ark Encounter’ might feature unicorns and dragons.

And it’s possible… according to the Ark’s official Q&A site, it does seem plausible…

Being land animals, dinosaurs (or dragons of the land) were created on Day Six (Genesis 1:24–31), went aboard Noah’s Ark (Genesis 6:20), and then came off the Ark into the post-Flood world (Genesis 8:16–19). It makes sense that many cultures would have seen these creatures from time to time before they died out.

And before you ask… here’s your answer…

The biblical unicorn was a real animal, not an imaginary creature. … The absence of a unicorn in the modern world should not cause us to doubt its past existence. (Think of the dodo bird. It does not exist today, but we do not doubt that it existed in the past.). … To think of the biblical unicorn as a fantasy animal is to demean God’s Word, which is true in every detail.


Her dodo bird comparison is horrible… mostly because I think we have dodo bird skeletons… we only have unicorn paintings! And some of them are velvety.

I have only one question: Will there be Hobbits on the Ark?

So.. what do you think? Should Kentucky’s fake Ark allow unicorns and dragons?

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