Jesus Needs New PR

Randy Roberts Potts–you know, the grandson of Oral Roberts who made the “It Gets Better” video–wrote a wonderful thoughtful piece for the Washington Post and so I thought I would share it…

There is a story in the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 2, about a little old man who wanted to be healed. He couldn’t get off his cot, but he’d heard that Jesus was in town, and that this Jesus was a healer.

Friends came by, took the sides of his little cot, and carried him through town to the house where Jesus was supposed to be, but, when they got there the house was so full they couldn’t get in. They pulled him, cot and all, up to the little thatched roof and proceeded to lower the man down. Jesus forgave the man his sins and told him he was healed and he could take his little cot and walk home. He was healed, instantly, just like that.

2,000 years later, there is a class of people in America who, like this little old man, are looking for healing. My people, as it were. Homosexuals. People whom my grandfather, Oral Roberts, and most of his generation, describe as an abomination. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE.

On a side note: I received a personal email from Randy today. He just wanted to say “thank you” for posting the video on my site. How cool is that? I love the Internet!

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