Jesus Needs New PR

It’s crazy to think that life and culture was once so innocent, so pure, so holy that a preacher named Oral could put this picture on the cover of his magazine with the headline “Get Under the ‘Spout’ Where the Glory Comes Out!” and not think one thing about it?

What was it like to engage faith in a world that was still un-Orally fixated?

And you know very well that that woman in the picture had been under the spout that Oral was referring to. You can see its GlOry written all over her Orally-graced face.


What year did this magazine cover release again?

HOLY CRAP…. THIS COVER IS FROM 2010? Are you kidding?

It can’t be. It has be from 1978… or 1962… or heck, 1989…

But no… this a 2010 cover of Miracles magazine…

Who edited this thing, a 90-year-old blind nun?!

But in all seriousness, where can I find this spout you speak of? I want some of what she’s having.

Oh, and just in case you think this woman is faking it cover is a fake, here’s your proof

Thank you Aaron for sending this to me.

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