Jesus Needs New PR

The Golden Reviewer read and reviewed my book.

Golden describes herself (I think Golden is a she, but I could be wrong.)… An 80 year old avid reader reviews the newest in Christian fiction and non-fiction with a sprinkle of the secular on top.

Sprinkle of the secular on the top! Even before I read her review of my book, I already love this woman!

So yes, she reviews Hear No Evil.

AND SHE HATED IT. Seriously, she trashed it!

Still… her review is AMAZING.

I love this review. Golden is honest. She tells it like it is. And by far, this is my favorite 1-star review (she posted it on Amazon and lowered my average!) that I have ever received.

So what did Golden write?

This is a very confusing book. Is Turner a christian, an atheist christian or what. The book appears to be part theology, part personal devotion and part rambling of a not so good Baptist who had a crush on Amy Grant. He is forbidden by his parents to attend contemporary concerts, but does so anyway. He is forbidden to listen to certain music, but defies his parents and listens to whatever he chooses. He dreams of becoming the Michael Jackson of christian music, but doesn’t have enough talent. The book is suppose to be funny, but I found it more pathetic than funny. I did not care for Turner’s brand of humor.

Turner’s story is supposedly of innocence, music and the Holy Ghost. Where is the Holy Ghost? I did not sense His presence as I read the book. He is a blogger, speaker and has written other books, which I sincerely hope are better than this one.

Cannot recommend.

I so want to meet Golden. I want to hug her. I want to tell her thank you for being blunt and honest.

Golden, if you read this post, I want you to know that I think you’re awesome. Yes, I am a Christian. I have atheist moments, times when faith doesn’t make sense. But I hope those moments fade by the time I’m 80. And too, I hope I’m as honest as you are. Seriously, thank you for this review.

The Christian world needs more honest people like yourself.

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