Jesus Needs New PR

Forgive me for missing this last week. My family was in town driving me crazy. Just kidding. Okay, so I’m mostly just kidding. 🙂 Anyway, this week’s person you should isn’t famous and she’s not an un-famous artist or author marketing a CD or book.

But nevertheless, I think you should know Jessica and my friend…

Ally Bergstrom

Ally is the wife of Blake Bergstrom, the Nashville campus pastor at Crosspoint. Ally deserves the presidential medal of honor just for putting up with Blake! If you think I’m kidding, perhaps you don’t know that Blake is famous… or at least Internet famous… for this…

Yes, in addition to being married to THAT (love you, Blake!), Ally is the mother of four beautiful girls and owner of a dog that is the size of a small grizzly bear.

I hope this doesn’t come across wrong, but Ally seems to be one of those kinds of church members who sometimes go unnoticed. Which is sad. Because even though she’s never stood on stage to sing or preach and she hasn’t starred in one of Crosspoint’s church videos, Ally is the best kind of people, the salt of the earth.

Ally works in the nursery on Sunday mornings. Her smiling cheerful face is one of the first faces that Jessica and I see when we drop Elias off at the nursery. I think she loves our kid almost as much as we love our kid. (She’s tried to take him a few times!) Though Ally doesn’t know this, her smile, spirit, and excitement about life has been as much of a sermon in my life as what Pete teaches on Sunday mornings. (And that’s not a dig on Pete–trust me, comparing his sermon to Ally’s heart is a compliment.)

Blake and Ally lead the church small group that Jess and I go to. During the last few months we spent a lot of time talking about the Holy Spirit, giftings, etc. At some point during one of those talks, I looked at Ally and said, “I think that God’s spirit oozes out of you.” And seriously, that’s not something I tell people all the time. Which is probably a good thing, since the word “ooze” is weird–like moist. But I digress… You know how it is; some people’s love for God seems to shine through every part of their presence.  And that’s true for Ally. She’s a servant, a fantastic mom, passionate about life, and one of the many reasons I love my church family.

And as you can see in picture below, it appears that she was churched like I was churched… 🙂

Thank you, Ally, for being a light in my family’s life. We are blessed to know you and call you a friend.

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