Jesus Needs New PR

Look what we found!

Well, score one for the Christians [and Jews, I suppose].

And might I say, it’s about time!

I mean seriously, I’ve been hearing since I was a kid that Noah’s Ark was on top of a mountain in Turkey and that the only reason we hadn’t found it yet was because of the mean ole Muslims who hated Noah’s God.

Well, alas, it’s been found! Or that’s what a group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers are saying. I know, it’s crazy, huh? Apparently, there are Chinese and Turkish evangelicals. I had no idea.

This right here is where the pandas slept. It still smells like pandas.

You’d certainly think they’d have more pictures, huh?

Anyway, according to the article, Yeung Wing-Cheung, from the Noah’s Ark Ministries International research team that made the discovery, said: “It’s not 100 percent that it is Noah’s Ark, but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it.”

Well, when the odds are 99.9 to .01, you might as well go ahead and say that you’re absolutely sure, Mr. Wing-Cheung.

And you gotta love the name of their ministry: Noah’s Ark Ministries. Is that a non-profit?!

Of course, Noah’s Ark has been found before. Several times. So I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Read the whole story here.

If this story turns out to be 100 percent true rather than 99.9 percent true, will it change your belief in anyway?

Do you think it’s really Noah’s Ark?!

Think we should sing? All together now!

The Lord said to Noah
there’s gonna be a floody floody
Lord said to Noah
there’s gonna be a floody floody
Get my children (clap)
out of the muddy muddy
Children of the Lord.

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