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Kris read Carolyn Custis James’ new book, The Gospel of Ruth , recently, gave it to our daughter, Laura, and both loved it. It is an imaginative Bible study of the book of Ruth and it can serve well for […]

I’ve done my best to avoid bringing back my class, “Women, Mary and Jesus,” onto this blog but I’ve read a book recently — and we discussed it in class — that I think you should know about: John Stackhouse, […]

Last Saturday night Kris and I were at Willow with Laura and Mark. The band, led by North Park’s own Matt Lundgren, started to play a good song and then another song. Then I looked up at the big screen […]

That’s a slightly overstated title to this post. There were some pockets of the Church that had women pastors when the incomparable Dorothy Sayers wrote her books. And her influence on the Church remains, and that is why I am […]

This Time magazine article, with a few other variants around the world, briefly describes the struggles of Mother Teresa with her faith — for a long, long time. All we have are some excerpts, set in a little bit of […]

Here was my question on Tuesday’s post (with comments still coming): ‘Why are some choosing to be “biblical” on this issue and not others in the Western world? And, in light of our lengthy series on women in ministry, why […]

Michael Krause Kruse, an uberblogger who comments here in such a way that at times he keeps the conversation rolling, wrote this on the blog last Saturday and I want to pick it up today and then ask his question […]

A former student of mine and now teaching in Florida at Trinity College, Les Keylock, sent me this little “article” about whether or not we are biblical when it comes to women on Sunday morning. Les will no doubt check […]

Tuesday morning our “Women, Mary, and Jesus” class listened to the story of Erika (Carney) Haub, whom our school supported to bring to campus for our class. Erika was a legend in my early years at North Park, but I […]

Our third woman in this series is Phoebe. Both Priscilla and Junia are clear evidence of women in leadership and mininstry, and Phoebe seems to fit the same pattern. But, I want to begin with a point I made about […]