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The last chap of Gary Macy’sThe Hidden History of Women’s Ordination: Female Clergy in the Medieval West demonstrates that the 12th Century saw a new definition of “ordain” and a completely contrary (and historic) view of Abelard (and Heloise). The […]

In the major chapter of Gary Macy’s The Hidden History of Women’s Ordination: Female Clergy in the Medieval West, Macy sketches what it is that women were doing in the early Medieval Age. What he sketches clearly demonstrates that women […]

What happens to women in ministry when the ground on which they are standing suddenly shifts? That is, what happens to women who are “ordained” when the word “ordain” suddenly changes? That is the impact of the first chp in […]

Books that even breathe the air of conspiracy theories rarely attract my interest, but I have been gathering for some time a variety of facts about women in ministry that are both unknown to the average Christian and, in my […]

Another letter about women in ministry … and this letter illustrates a very important point we all need to be aware of in “applying” the Bible: each culture summons us to live in ways appropriate to that culture. But, and […]

One of the arguments of our new book,The Blue Parakeet, is that any church that calls itself biblical must permit women to do now what they did in the New Testament, and that includes prophesying, teaching, praying and founding churches. […]

Another in our series from Alice. Nancy Beach writes one chapter in Gifted to Lead specifically for male pastors and leaders; she makes the assumption this might be the only chapter they’d be willing to read. In it, she makes […]

This series is by Alice. In Nancy Beach’s chapter entitled, “Welcome to the Boys??? Club” (from Gifted to Lead) women leaders are encouraged to develop character first: humility, self-confidence, humor, integrity. She then explains “the freight of being iconic” – […]

This series is by Alice Shirey, one of our regular commenters. She will lead a conversation about Nancy Beach’s new book, Gifted to Lead.

Irving Bible Church last Sunday had a woman — Jackie Roese — preaching in all three services. The first time in that church’s history. Here is a church that is courageous enough to permit women do what women did in […]