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Eschatology is cast through the prism of light in Romans 13:11-14: it’s all about living in the light: “the night is far gone, the day is near.”

Paul argues that to love your neighbor as yourself, from Leviticus 19:18, is (1) our only debt to one another and (2) is the fulfillment of the law because it sums up the whole law.

Last Friday we observed that Jesus himself knew that the sons of the kingdom were free from the Temple tax (Matt. 17:24-27), but to avoid scandal his followers were to pay the tax. Paul goes one step further: he thinks […]

Romans 13:5 is a near echo of a saying of Jesus: “Therefore, it is necessary to submit [live within the order] to the authorities … because of conscience.” Here’s what Jesus said in Matthew 17:26-27: “Then the sons are exempt […]

Rebelling against authorities is rebellion against God — so Paul at Romans 13:2-4. Tom Wright contends that Paul is looking at the authorities as part of “God’s intended order” and “not its corruputions.” Paul, of course, would learn the rough […]

How, Tom Wright asks, can Paul ask his readers to submit to the authorities if the authorities have now been defeated by Christ’s death and resurrection? A few points:

In our two-day introduction to Romans 13:1-7, we now turn to Wright’s taxonomy of how folks read this passage. The questions are easy, if doubly hard to answer: Which is your view? Why?

Wright’s introductory comments about Romans 13:1-7 are so suggestive, I want to take two days to ponder them. I begin today by quoting the passage and then offering an introductory point by Wright that I think we simply have to […]

Wright agrees with the majority: Romans 12:14-21 shifts to a concern with outsiders, and evidently to a kind of outsider that has an impact inside. He now addresses how the community of faith should respond to its opponents and persecutors.

In Romans 12:9-13 Paul provides what NT Wright calls a “more general list of ways in which individual Christians and groups or churches are to behave” (711). He observes they are connected to building one another up.