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Tony Stiff is a graduate of Westminster seminary, a friend, and a solid young thinker — and he will do a four part series for us on “Missional” theology and Bible reading. I look forward to this series and I […]

This Friday is for Friends post is from our long-time blog friend, “T,” the one who once won a contest on this blog in which we gave away a pair of crocs. T, you still wearing them? By the way, […]

AHH has been reading and occasionally commenting on the Jesus Creed blog since Fall 2008.  He lives in Colorado where he works at a government science lab, and he is ordained as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  He […]

We don’t get the issues (behind the book) on the table with descriptive clarity until chp 4 in Mark Noll’s new book, The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith, and in my estimation Noll is […]

Last Friday morning I flew out to Philadelphia to speak at Biblical Seminary. John Franke was installed as the Lester and Kay Clemens Professor of Missional Theology. It may have been the most satisfying and stimulating theological conference I’ve ever […]

We come to the end of Chris Wright’s exceptional book, The Mission of God. The mission of God to make his name know to the whole world finds its end in Jesus, in the early Christian preaching to the nations, […]

The last two chps of Chris Wright’s excellent book, The Mission of God, concern the most pressing topic of anyone who wants to examine the Old Testament through the lens of “mission.” I tend to think most either ignore what […]

The most neglected books in the Old Testament are the Wisdom books, and so it is nice to see Chris Wright look at “mission” in light of what the Wisdom books teach (2d half of chp 13: The Mission of […]

How does “who we are” impact mission in this world? This is the subject of the 13th chp of Chris Wright’s book The Mission of God. He addresses here subject I have addressed myself, so I was delighted both to […]

Is care for the world a part of the mission of God and, therefore, of our mission in this world? Chris Wright’s The Mission of God is one of the very few — and you might be able to count […]