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A Magnificat kind of Christmas knows that Mary experienced profound release the moment she realized her son would be Messiah. Her release found its way into a marvelous song that extolled the faithfulness of God to his promise.

I’ve gotten enough reminders from folks that I thought I’d post what we are doing on the radio this week.

The Jesus Creed not only reshaped my perception of spiritual formation, it also reshaped our life. I spent very little time traveling and speaking prior to Jesus Creed, but we can’t express the joy it has been for us to […]

A Magnificat kind of Christmas, which understands Christmas as about God’s acts to redeem through the incarnation, is also about the poor. Here are the words of the Magnificat, and I’d like you to observe words connected to poverty and […]

M and W night I was at Reclaiming the Mind for a lecture and discussion about The Real Mary. I suspect I’ll be talking about Mary for years because of this research I’ve done, but I’m beginning to hear some […]

Eye on Chicago, with Antonio Mora, interviewed me about the movie and The Real Mary, and this is a link to the website. If you click on the image (to the right) of The Nativity Story picture, you get the […]

I was asked to write a review of The Nativity Story for Relevant Magazine.

The first Christmas was a Magnificat kind of Christmas. It wasn’t a Dickens kind of Christmas, and it wasn’t a Midwestern kind of Christmas, and it wasn’t a Tennessee kind of Christmas. It was a Mary kind of Magnificat kind […]

John Kasich of “The Heartland” for national FoxNews has contacted our people to invite us to the Chicago studio tonight for an interview about The Real Mary and The Nativity Story. So, if you have time tonight between 8-9pm Central […]

For months WBBM-TV and I have been trying to arrange a date for an interview for Eye on Chicago, Antonio Mora’s Sunday morning show. Antonio, one of the most professional persons I’ve ever worked with, has an interest in all […]