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Acts 2 has a number of interesting references and I will quote each one with a little context:

My little computer program boots up about 19 separable instances of “heaven” in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. And we begin with a text that is at the center of a few debates today, in particular the […]

Two more texts in John, both of which inform us of nearly the same thing:

Yet another interesting text in John, which I have to quote more completely. We are asking what does “heaven” mean and whether or not it is the final place of the blessed.

One special text in John about heaven:

We enter into the world of John’s Gospel today. This Gospel has a stronger vertical dualism than the Synoptics, but let’s look at a few texts:

Four more references to “heaven” in Luke’s Gospel:

One of the most common uses of the word “heaven” in the Gospels is to indicate “up-ness” or “sky” or “the beyond.” Hence, the following few references from Luke but there are other texts that seem to go to the […]

We are marching through Luke’s use of “heaven” this week, and I’m not so sure we will finish. So here are a few more references:

A few more texts from Luke on heaven: