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Jim Belcher shares this with thousands of young Christians: “He lived it.” That is, he lived into dissatisfaction with traditional evangelicalism, experienced the allure of the emergent movement, but came away sensing that there is a Third Way with, between […]

A friend writes to ask about how missional and emerging churches and gatherings and groups are doing when it comes to justice ministries. She is doing some work on this theme and I’d like to know some reports out there […]

Dear Emerging, The number of folks who surrounded you with advice and wisdom continues to draw our admiration, but I do want to put some of this together from my angle.

I got a letter from a young high school pastor in the southeast and he’s happy to share it with our blog community. This young pastor leans in some emerging directions but his pastor is now criticizing emergent. I’d like […]

I’d like to have a conversation here about this piece in CT on what I am calling “ironic faith.” [Added: Originally, this ironic faith article was a part of the McLaren piece; it was lifted out and became a separate […]

For more than three years I have participated, actively, enthusiastically, and at times with consternation, in the emerging movement conversation. A recent Out of Ur post not only suggested that the word “emerging” was dead but also the emerging church […]

Campbell Brown, a newscaster for CNN, says 2008 feels a lot like 1968. But Tony Jones says 2008 feels more, and looks more like 1908, and hence he, Doug Pagitt and Mark Scandrette are on the Road Show. You can […]

What do you think? Should the two terms be used for two different and differing segments of the larger emerging movement? Dan Kimball says so; and now Dave Dunbar, who is the President at Biblical Seminary and one completely on […]

I begin with a confession: I’m not a new monastic, nor am I “tempted” to join. In the late 70s and early 80s, yes, we were a bit interested and did some things with a few folks in an inner-city […]

Yesterday I was at Willow’s youth leadership conference called Shift. A full day but lots of fun. I’m not a youth minister, obviously — nor was I a very good one when I gave it a whirl, but if I […]