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Choir.jpgWe’re living in days where false images of evangelicals abound. The knack here is not to play the victim card and start blaming everyone else. The knack is to describe the scene. Which leads me to a new book…

Steve Wilkens and Don Thorsen, both profs at Azusa Pacific, have a new book that takes on misperceptions of evangelicals. I like the title: Everything You Know about Evangelicals Is Wrong (Well, Almost Everything): An Insider’s Look at Myths and Realities
I’m announcing an upcoming series on this book, but for today I want to do things: (1) list their misperceptions and (2) ask you what you think are the biggest misperceptions of evangelicals.
Here is the list of topics for the chapters:
1. All are mean, stupid and dogmatic
2. All waiting for the rapture
3. All anti-evolutionists
4. All inerrantists
5. All rich Americans
6. All are Calvinists
7. All are Republicans
8. All are racist, sexist and homophobes
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