Jesus Creed

Our new neighbor.
He asked me where the blue parakeets were.
I told him I was his blue parakeet.
But if he didn’t mind himself, he’d be my blue parakeet.
Good piece about the wisdom of Hazel.
Mark Roberts on the National Day of Prayer flap … scroll down for part one.
Kenneth Sheppard on the new atheists — nice review.

Meanderings in the News

1. Do we have free will? Ask the scientists: “In the introductory chapter of many undergraduate texts dealing with biology or biochemistry, it is common to stress (as I have in this article) that biological systems obey the laws of chemistry and physics; as living systems we are nothing more than a bag of chemicals. It is almost with a sense of pride that the authors of such texts may contrast this understanding with the alternative earlier belief in vitalism–the belief that there are forces governing the biological world that are distinct from those that determine the physical world. The irony here is that in reality, a belief in free will is nothing less than a continuing belief in vitalism–a concept that we like to think we discarded well over 100 years ago! It is my concern, that this vitalistic way of thinking about human behavior–a style of thinking that is present throughout our scientific institutions–serves only to hinder what should be a major onslaught on determining the molecular genetic and chemical basis of human behavior.” (HT: JT)
2. President Obama at UMich: ““It may make your blood boil,” he said. “Your mind may not often be changed. But the practice of listening to opposing views is essential for effective citizenship.”
4. Barbara Strauch: “But as it turns out, modern middle age is from 40 to 65. During this long time in the middle, if we’re relatively healthy our brains may have a few issues, but on balance they’re better than ever during that period.”
5. Anyone know about E-Verify? Mario Loyola on Arizona immigration issues: “The Arizona police-powers law distracts attention from the one way in which Arizona’s approach to illegal immigration can and should be a model for the nation: the adoption of a universal E-Verify mandate for all employers. Modern technology has given us a way to strike at the heart of the illegal-immigration problem. It comes not in the form of drones, or fences, or expanded police powers, but in the form of a simple legislative device that promises to alter the economics of illegal immigration. The several states should move as quickly as possible towards universal E-Verify.”
9. Will the model for Catholic priests change? “In Cesbron’s view, the current model of the priest “dates to Vatican 1, to the counter-reformation, it is a model from the 16th century, and the model needs to finally adapt. That is bound to happen, it will be reformed, there is no logical choice for us.”
10. 5113! Why? (That’s exasperation, not a question.)
Meanderings in Sports
Tom Ricketts, the new owner of the Cubs, wants to erect a big Toyota sign over the left field bleachers. There’s more than one problem here. Welcome to Chicago!
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