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Some of us over here in the USA are trying to make sense of what is happening with the coalition government in England. 
What do our British friends have to tell us? Is this good or bad? 

New British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to form a coalition government between his Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, he said Tuesday.

Cameron was invited to form the next government by Queen Elizabeth II about one hour after she accepted Gordon Brown’s resignation Tuesday evening.

The right-wing Conservatives won the largest number of seats in last week’s election, but not enough to let them govern on their own.

Brown’s left-wing Labour Party came in second, and the Liberal Democrats third. A Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition would have the majority of MPs in the House of Commons.

Lib Dems leader Nick Clegg will serve as deputy prime minister, according to Downing Street, which said the queen approved the appointment. Four other Cabinet posts will be occupied by Liberal Democrats, Downing Street said.

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