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This one actually emerges from one’s theological orientation, but there’s a very good set of questions and observations at, and in our sports-shaped world today, a good conversation awaits us: Baseball players point to the heavens after hitting home […]

From Patheos … an interview with Rodney Stark about his book on the crusades (God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades )… The Crusades did not arise ex nihilo, but were part of a broader historical and geographical narrative. Can you […]

Psalm 18 is a long psalm about praising God for his deliverance. David declares that he called out to God (v. 3); he describes his situation out of which he needed deliverance (vv. 4-5); and he declares that God answered […]

The Baylor Survey of Religion studied religious experience ( Rodney Stark, What Americans Really Believe. Almost scorned by theologians and professors and routinely ignored by research into religions, The Baylor Study found that 2 of 3 respondents reported having at least one […]

From USAToday… For the sake of argument, let us set aside questions about the truth of religion vs. the truth of science. Suppose there is no such thing as religious truth, as Richard Dawkins argued in The God Delusion. Allow that the “New […]

I’m teaming up with Mel Lawrenz and the worship staff at Elmbrook for a one-day event that seeks to connect preaching ministry with worship ministry. It’s an all-day event on June 29 at Elmbrook near Milwaukee. My focus will be […]

From Patheos… an interview with Rodney Stark. Some progressives say that evangelicals are making the same mistake on the opposite side, by confusing their faith with conservative politics. What happens with “progressives” is that they cannot get any traction amongst […]

We are plodding along through the Psalms, and we call this our “common prayerbook” but it is the one prayerbook that unites all Christians. Furthermore, the Psalms aren’t here simply so we can figure out the inner heart of David […]

We are looking at the recent book by Elaine Howard Ecklund Science vs Religion: What Scientists Really Think. The earlier installments are here: first, second, and third. The book relates various ideas about science and religion that emerged from her […]

How can we talk about God? Seriously, the vastness and immensity and infinity of God beggar description and tax human language to the limit, so taxing in fact that we must admit the limitations of all God-talk. This is the […]