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MabChild2.jpgKris and I are happy to announce that a few more children in Mabanteneni have recently been adopted/sponsored (at $34 per month), and we are pleased as we can be. Our hope is to use this blog space to urge readers to consider sponsoring a child in Swaziland, a land in desperate need of services like Hope Chest.  As of the writing of this post, 15 children have been “adopted” and there are 10 more in need of adoption.  Please think if this is a ministry of which you would like to be a part.

Yes, there are needs everywhere, not the least in Haiti and with the homeless here in the USA. And we can spread our funds only so thin, but perhaps you are moved to help Africa and if so we’d like you to consider Mabanteneni’s community of orphans and pastors and Go-Gos who care for the local kids. (Please click and check out the kids.)
At our North Park graduation we chatted with Hannah Leman who works at Hope Chest and with Tom Davis to support orphans in several places in the world.
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